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Our Mission

Our core mission is to create the best, yet easy-to-use, selfie and portrait editor.

We’re in a pursuit to enable all smartphone users and social media communicators with simple, single tap photo and video editing experiences that offer a synergistic blend of advanced ML technologies and aesthetics, to unlock their creativity and imagination in a productive manner.

FaceApp Headquarters FaceApp Headquarters

FaceApp Technology Limited
28th October Ave 319a
8th Floor - Office 801A
Limassol, 3105

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Yaroslav Goncharov

Yaroslav resides in Limassol, Cyprus, leading our headquarters in all matters pertaining to multi-platform product development, technical infrastructure, market positioning and reviewing scientific advances in the field of image and video processing AI.

With more than 15 years of hands-on experience with artificial neural networks, Yaroslav is responsible for designing and developing the state-of-the-art image and video AI models used in our FaceApp service. Yaroslav oversees the strategic development of all FaceApp’s IP.

Yaroslav started his career working as a developer and later as a technical lead at Microsoft HQ (Redmond, USA). After that, he worked as CTO for SPB Software, designing and deploying well-renowned top ranking mobile applications across various mobile platforms.

Yaroslav holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Vice President

Juggs Ravalia

Juggs joined the FaceApp team towards the end of 2019 and heads the USA Operations, overseeing the strategic development of the company’s business to stay abreast of market demands, including those pertaining to data privacy, protection and transparency.

Juggs also worked for the Windows CE divisions at Microsoft and has held several positions – focusing on mobile apps and services—in small and large technical companies since then. Given his Kenyan roots, he is passionate about eHealth technologies and is an active contributor in health initiatives like the Health Impact Fund.

Juggs is a DFID and a Gates Cambridge Scholar, holding an MBA and MPhil in Sciences/Speech Recognition from Trinity College, Cambridge University. He taught at Carnegie Mellon University as a visiting scientist.

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